Vocabulary - Music

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Vocabulary - Adjectives

  Arrastra cada adjetivo con su sinónimo

Complete the sentences with adjectives of the last exercise.

1. They must have turned up the volume too much at that gig-it was

2. Female singers´ voices are more

than male voices.

3. I find some classical music very

.It makes me feel wonderful.

4. I've got a song stuck in my head and i can't stop singing it.It´s so

5. People who compose jazz must be very intelligent .It's a very

type of music.

6. Lyrics should have a message.Without it, pop songs are just

music without any meaning.

Grammar - Adjectives -ed, -ing

Los adjetivos que terminan en ED describen un “sentimiento” (feeling) o una “emoción”. Cuenta un sentimiento.

Los adjetivos que terminan en ING describen una característica de una situación, una cosa o incluso una persona (pero sin tener en cuenta los sentimientos). Una característica de un sustantivo.

Read the verbs in the box. Write the -ed and -ing adjective form of each.









How would you feel in these situations?

1. You have run 10km.

2. You are watching a horror film.

3. You have failed an exam.

4. You are going on holiday without your parents.

How would you describe these situations?

1. A weekend with no homework.

2. Your favourite lesson at school.

3. Trying to remember phrasal verbs.

4. The history of music.

Complete the sentences with the -ed or -ing adjective form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Some people say that classical music is

(bore),but I love it.

2. I find it

(annoy) when people tell me what type of music I should listen to.

3. I feel more

(motivate) to practise the violin since I joined an orchestra.

4. Learning to play an instrument can be

(challenge), but it's also fun.

5. I'm not

(worry) about my hearing because I don't go to live gigs that often.

6. It was

(disappoint) not to get tickets for the arena tour.

Grammar - Compound Adjectives

A compound adjective is formed when two or more adjectives come together to modify the same name. These terms must have scripts to avoid confusion or ambiguity.

Match the compound adjectives to the definitions.

  Arrastra cada adjetivo con su sinónimo

Match the words to the synonyms.

  Arrastra cada adjetivo con su sinónimo

Grammar - Order of Adjectives

Rewrite the sentences with the adjectives in brackets in the correct order.

  Arrastra cada adjetivo a la posición correcta